Vessel Sealer with Micro Controlled Surgical Diathermy


Delta Vessel Sealer is the most versatile Electro Surgical Generator with added feature of vessel sealing systems. This technology which is different from conventional diathermy & provides a unique combinations of pressure & energy to create vessel fusion & permanently fuses vessels up to & including 7mm in diameter & tissue bundles, without dissection or isolation.

An optimized combination of pressure & energy creates the seal by melting the collagen & elastin in the vessel wall & reforming it in to a permanent, plastic like seal & result in virtually no sticking or charring . Feedback controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal cycle is complete.

Salient Features

  • Body Protected and cardiac protected design
  • Four modes in CUT. Pure cut with two additional BLEND 1 & BLEND 2 modes to give a surgeon, varying degree of hemostasis while cutting. Endocut modes is for added flexibility
  • Three modes of coagulation
  • Spray mode offers massive & rapid non-contact coagulation
  • Fulgurate To provide effective non-contact coagulation from distance, mainly appreciated by Urosurgeons and cardiovascular surgeons
  • Desiccate mode delivers better coagulation with less depth of tissue necrosis
  • Program modes: 99 user settable program mode.
  • Separate Monopolar and Bipolar R.F output system allow two surgeons to work separately
  • Absolutely safe as isolated RF output provides direct current return to the generator significantly reducing the risk of alternate site burns
  • Seal mode provides unique combination of pressure & energy to create vessel fusion, leaving no foreign material behind
  • Power limiting output with Automatic Compensation Circuit provides more consistent performance over wide range of tissue impedance
  • SMPS Technology Switched mode power supply accepts the wide range of input voltage from 180 to 270 volts & hence keeps the output constant throughout the range
  • Compliance to IEC 60601-1 & IEC 60602 -2 Particular requirements for safety of HF Surgical Equipments
  • Highly portable with weight of just 4-6 Kg
  • Patient plate monitoring system with Audio-Visual Alarm

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
Water Proof, Corrosion Proof, Double Peddle Foot Switch 1no Mobile trolley 1no
Silicon Rubber Pad with Cable or S.S. Pad with Cable 1no Bionet, Straight (Bipolar & Monopolar) Forceps with Autoclavable Cable.
Silicon Surgical Cable 2 nos Bipolar Clamp
Electro Surgical Handle 2 nos Bipolar Sealer
Set of Electrodes 1no Disposable Hand Switch 1no
Mains Cable 1no
Bipolar Forceps with Silicon Cable 1no

Technical Features

  • Display : 7 Segment LED
  • Keyboard : Feathertouch
  • Input Supply Voltage : 230VAC + 15% @ 50 / 60 HZ
  • Leakage Current : 0.25 ma
  • Operating Frequency : 480 KHz
  • Dimension (W X H X D) : 320MM x 120MM x 300MM
  • Weight : 6 Kg

Cut Mode

Coag Mode

Bipolar Mode