Delta Medical Corporation

Co₂ Insufflator

Salient Features:
  • Functional & user-friendly design
  • Compact & light weight
  • Various safety features & meets quality standards
  • Rapid delivery of gas & provide immediate response for all procedures
  • Advance high speed microcontroller technology, allow greater accuracy & measurement of Co₂
  • Trocar & Verries modes
  • Over pressure alarm & pressure release system, help assure patient safety
  • Separate digital display for actual value & set value of pressure and flow rate.
  • Display for actual gas consumption & temperature.
  • ABS Shock proof body.
Performance Features:
  • Software

    Software controlled technology to initiate calibration of pressure and flow of system when insufflator is turn on. Software controlled pressure release mechanism to prevent excess pressure build up in abdomen.

  • Inbuilt Gas Warmer

    Delta CO₂ insufflators has unique heating system that provides a constant temperature for the CO₂ to reduce chill effect of high flow insufflations & lenses telescope fogging.

  • Advance Flow Control

    Delta CO₂ insufflators is highly adaptable advance flow control insufflations for precise & safe gas flow to meet patient requirement.
    Better precision for measurement of volume & flow of CO₂ Delta CO₂ has pressure range from 4 to 30 mm Hg.

  • Safety

    Special feature that assures a constant pressure of the Co₂

    If actual pressure is more than set pressure, the system offers a rapid & instantaneous release over pressure preventing any contamination of the insufflators.

  • Gas Error Indicator

    Systems indicate unavailability of gas by audio & visual alarm.

Technical Features:
Pneumatics :
  • Gas : Co₂ (Medical)
  • Co₂ gas supply system : UNF 7/16”
  • Input pressure Min to Max : 2 to 3 bar
  • Insufflation pressure Min to Max.: 4-30 mm Hg(To an accuracy of 1 mm Hg)
  • Flow rate min to max : 1 to 20 Ltrs/ Min (Model –Co₂-2000)
  • Internal over pressure release valve
  • Output connection -6 to 7 mm ID tube.
  • 7 segment display for model - Co₂-2000.Showing set & actual pressure, set & actual flow, temperature & gasconsumption.
  • Keyboard –feather touch.
Power Supplies :
  • Type of power supply: 230VAC +15% @50-60Hz.
  • Protection by fuse: 5 A.
  • Power Consumption-125W Max with warmer else, 20W Max.
  • Dimension : 260 mm x290 mm x 105 mm
  • Weight: 2 kg Approx.
Standard Accessories:
  • Inlet pressure regulator
  • High Pressure Inlet Tube
  • Silicon Patient tube with Connector
  • Spanner
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