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Apart from providing excellent base line data for long time oral healthcare and identification, ADONIS OPG offers may additional clinical benefits viz:
  • Impacted wisdom teeth diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Periodontal loss and periapical involvement
  • Finding source of dental pain
  • Assessment for the placement of dental implants
  • Orthodontic assessment. pre and post operative
  • Anatomical assessment of the entire oral cavity
  • A view of the development, position and eruption of primary teeth
  • Assistance in the detection and evaluation of periodontal diseases
  • Determining implant sites and the strength of supporting bone

Technical Specifications:

Type of Generator 0.8 KW/ High frequency, Inverter type
Power requirements 230 V +/-10%, 50 Hz, 10Amp
Maximum Line Current 5A at 230V
Relay Voltage Adjustment Automatic +/-10%
Column Height 94-223cm
Generator Feather Touch Panel, LCD display, microprocessor based, interlocking with all proper contents, remote for Exposure, test & Reset
Anode Voltage 30 KVP to 88 KVP in step of 2 KVP
Anode Current 12mA Fixed
X-Ray Tube Focus 0.5mm x 0.5mm fine focus
In-herent Filtational 2.5mm AI
Exposure Time OPG-7-14 sec.
TMJ - 4 x 3.5 sec.
CEPH: 1-50mAs
Film Size OPG + TMJ - 6" x 12"/ 8" x 10", CEPH 8" x 10"
Caseette OPG + TMJ - 6" x 12"/ 8 " x 10", CEPH 8" x 10"
Vertical Movement Motorized (Silent and Jerk Free)
Centering Light Red Cross Light
Centering Reference Chin rest with bite wing

Control Features:

  • User friendly system
  • Digital display for mAs, kVp on LCD
  • Different auto settings for child, thin and fatty patients
  • Independent kVp, mAs techniques for better radiogeaphic results
  • Microprocessor based system for accurate time selection for exposure
  • Automatic overload protection with visual and audible indication for longer life of the tube
  • Illuminate front panel for easy selection even in dim lit rooms
  • Soft touch keys for mAs selection, kVp selection
  • System TEST provision without X-Ray ON
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