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High Frequency - High Powered X-Ray

ADONIS High Frequency Auto Programmable X-Ray Systems at an affordable Prices!!.......

PRECISION, POWER, ECONOMY makes ADONIS High Frequency X-Ray system

ADONIS High Frequency X-Ray Machines are Powered to meet all Radiological needs at an affordable price. Auto Programmable High Frequency based Inverter makes System Precise and Complete. All ADONIS High Frequency X-Ray System are designed taking into consideration Reliability, True

Main Features of ADONIS High Frequency X-Ray System

  • Best Suited for Bed Side X-Ray & Trauma Care.
  • Spring Based Counter Balanced Mechanical for easy mobility from ward to ward within Hospital.
  • Soft Touch Key Pad with Automatic Selection of kVp, mA and mAs for each Body Part.
  • Re Programmable options for new selection of kVp, mA and mAs at Customer's Place.
  • Microprocessor based X-Ray Exposure control with Microprocessor based Overload Protection for Better Tube Safety

Technical Specifications:

Tube Current (Max) 100mA 300mA 500mA
Radiological Ratings 45-120kVp 45-125kVp 45-125kVp
Power 6W 30KW 40KW
Tube Type Rotating Anode Rotating Anode Rotating Anode
Power Supply 230V,AC,50Hz. 440VAC/50Hz. 440VAC/50Hz.
Options Compatible Table
Mobile Unit Horizontal Table
Floor to Ceiling Unit Manual Tilt Five Position Table
Floating Table Top Table
Motorized Table
Vertcal bucky
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