CO2 Insufflator

Salient Features

  • Functional & user-friendly design
  • Compact & light weight
  • Various safety features & meets quality standards
  • Rapid delivery of gas & provide immediate response for all procedures
  • Advance high speed microcontroller technology, allow greater accuracy & measurement of Co2
  • Trocar & Verries modes
  • Over pressure alarm & pressure release system, help assure patient safety
  • Separate digital display for actual value & set value of pressure and flow rate
  • Display for actual gas consumption & temperature
  • ABS Shock proof body

Technical Features

  • Gas : Co2 (Medical)
  • Co2 gas supply system : UNF 7/16”
  • Input pressure Min to Max : 2 to 3 bar
  • Insufflation pressure Min to Max.: 4-30 mm Hg (To an accuracy of 1 mm Hg)
  • Flow rate min to max : 1 to 20 Ltrs/ Min
  • Internal over pressure release valve
  • Output connection -6 to 7 mm ID tube
  • 7 segment display.
  • Showing set & actual pressure, set & actual flow, temperature & gas
  • Consumption.
  • Keyboard feather touch
Power Supplies
  • Type of power supply: 230VAC +15% @50-60Hz.
  • Protection by fuse: 5 A.
  • Power Consumption-125W Max with warmer else, 20W Max
  • Dimension : 260 mm x 290mm x105 mm
  • Weight: 2 kg Approx
Standard Accessories
  • Inlet pressure regulator
  • High Pressure Inlet Tube
  • Silicon Patient tube with Connector
  • Spanner

Performance Features

  • Software controlled technology to initiate calibration of pressure and flow of system when insufflator is turn on. Software controlled pressure release mechanism to prevent excess pressure build up in abdomen.
  • Inbuilt Gas Warmer
  • Delta CO2 insufflators has unique heating system that provides a constant temperature for the CO2 to reduce chill effect of high flow insufflations & lenses telescope fogging.

Advance Flow Control
  • Delta CO2 insufflators is highly adaptable advance flow control insufflations for precise & safe gas flow to meet patient requirement.
  • Better precision for measurement of volume & flow of CO2.
  • Delta CO2 has pressure range from 4 to 30 mm Hg.

  • Special feature that assures a constant pressure of the CO2.
  • If actual pressure is more than set pressure, the system offers a rapid & instantaneous release over pressure preventing any contamination of the insufflators.
  • Gas Error Indicator Systems indicate unavailability of gas by audio & visual alarm.