Delta Medical Corporation

Skin Cautery

This high frequency unit is especially designed for Skin & Dermatologist & Plastic Surgeons. This decent out look unit provided high power Electrosurgical current Desiccation, Fulguration, Co-agulation and Epilation, for removal of growth on the surface & within accessible orifices Warts, Corns, Cysts, Modes, Fibroma, Conjunctivitis, Tonsil Tags, Vaginal Cysts etc. Could be easily treated with this modern compact unit. COSMETIC result are successfully obtained with little or no scar tissue. Abnormalities removed bloodlessly. Step up intensity control is provided to regulate Monopolar and Bipolar current.

Standard Accessories:-
  • One Mains cable
  • One foot switch
  • One electro surgical handle
    with cable
  • One set of electrode
  • One Inactive pad with cable
Technical Data
Power Supply - 230 V A C, 50 C/s
Output - 50 watts/ Approx
Frequence - 1.75 Mhz
Length - 20 cm
Height - 8 cm
Width - 30 cm
Weight - 1.5 kg




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